Sample of our UV Blocking Window Films.
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  • I already have tinted or Low-E Glass, do I need window film?



    Most tinted or Low-E glass is still allowing close to 30% of the harmful UV rays to enter your home. Our products will provide you with the most complete UV protection (99.9%) of any window film, while adding glare control and energy savings.

  • Will window film change my views and make my windows appear reflective from the outside?


    We provide low-relective/non metalized films that are virtually invisible on the glass.  Our products will actually enhance your views by controlling unwanted glare much like polarized sunglasses.

  • Will window film reduce my energy use and save me money?

    As much as 50% of a home's energy use is lost to solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy-efficient.


    Our products reduce excessive solar heat gain by as much as 80%, and improve insulating properties by up to 40%. Proven in buildings throughout the world, our products deliver an impressive average payback time of just 2.65 years, making it an investment in your (and our) planet's future.

  • How long will window film last?

    A lifetime.


    Our products are warranted against any defects for as long as you live in your home and the warranty is transferable.

  • Will window film reduce the fading of my interiors?


    40% of fading is caused from UV rays and our products provide an unprecedented 99.9% UV protection, filtering sunlight at the glass, before it reaches interiors and begins to damage furnishings.


    25% of fading is caused by heat and our products provide solar heat reduction up to 80%, allowing the outdoors in without "cooking" your interiors.


    25% of fading is caused by visible light and our products have all levels of visible light transmission to fit your specific needs.

    Sample of our UV Blocking Window Films.
  • Will the UV protection lose its effectiveness over time?



    The type, amount and location of UV absorber in the film determine its longevity. Absorbers located in the adhesive, instead of the film itself, can be far less stable and enduring than those built in to the film.


    Because of state of the art R&D and technology, Vista Window Film UV absorbers are built into the film to provide superior stability and endurance. Most other companies just add UV absorbers to their product through the adhesive layer.

  • Will the adhesive lose strength over time and bubble or peel?

    No. Our products are made with a patented clear distortion free (CDF) adhesive layer that has not had a failure in over 30 years.

  • Is window film installed on the interior or exterior of the building?

    Inside. We do have some products that can be installed on the exterior of the building, however, they are typically used where interior access is limited.  An ideal installation environment would be after all surrounding construction is complete, as this ensures our control of the finished product you deserve.

  • Do I need to clean my windows before installation?



    Our unique and detailed cleaning techniques will ensure that your windows will be the cleanest they have ever been.  This is a very important step in our installation process and we take pride in having your windows, sills and surrounding areas looking spotless before and after installation.

  • Will I have to worry about my windows cracking?



    Steamboat Tinting has installed window film in this valley for over two decades providing the best products to meet your needs while ensuring the life of your windows.  Cracking typically occurs when there is a pre-existing chip in the glass within the framing.  If this unfortunate circumstance arises, our warranty is there to take care of you.

  • Does window film require special care or cleaning?



    To enhance the life and function of film, our products come with a patented scratch and corrosion-resistant coating.

    Windows treated with our products can be cleaned as you would any other window.

  • How do LLumar Magnum and 3M Safety and Security films work?

    Our Safety and Security window films are available in a variety of thicknesses and tints. The film is generally applied to the interior of the glass, though specialized exterior films are available.  In the event of an impact or explosion, the film serves to reduce the likelihood of glass breakage, but where shattering does occur the film firmly hold the pieces safely in place.  The films have an exceptionally strong, energy-absorbing mounting adhesive and are composed of polyester film layers that are extremely high in tensile and break strength.

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Sample of our UV Blocking Window Films.
Sample of our UV Blocking Window Films.